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Luxury spa breaks in the Cotswolds

We have a range of Cotswolds holiday cottages with access to luxury spa facilities either on the premises, on-site or within walking distance. If you have been looking forward to an immersive spa experience, exercise, detox and to treat yourself to some serious pampering, then this is the type of holiday retreat for you.

Some of our accommodation is located at spa and wellness centres often equipped with top class facilities and services located metres away from your front door. Hot tubs, steam rooms, eco-swimming pools, saunas, massage treatments on demand and gyms can also be found at the spas or on-site in some cases. In most cases spas have a restaurant in the facility where you can eat healthily to enhance your programme of renewal, exercise and recuperation. There’s no better way to savour a relaxing and unwinding way to enjoy a holiday than a self-indulgent spa break in the beautiful Cotswolds, using our selection of luxury cottages across Gloucestershire, Wiltshire or Oxfordshire as your base.